The vision of the college is the education and empowerment of young women for their transformation into efficient leaders and responsible citizens. It recognizes the fact that the success of an institution at all times lies in the values imparted, curriculum transacted and adaptability of the curriculum to innovation and to the needs of the community.


The mission of this institution is to produce intellectually enlightened, emotionally balanced, morally upright and socially committed young women who will be the agents of social transformation in India. The education of women has a larger perspective of enhancing self esteem, ensuring an equal partnership in national development along with men. The educational mission of this college recognizes the fact that educational improvement of girls and women are for the societies well being and education of the present and future generations. In essence, the mission of the institution reflects both the tradition of the institution and its vision for the future.

This mission is realized with the whole-hearted co-operation of each and every member who forms a part of the college-the students, the parents, the teachers, the administrative staff, the government, the local and distant agencies and the well wishers.