Code of Conduct

1. Identity card is mandatory for students and they should produce it whenever asked by the college authorities.

2. Students should reach the campus by 9.30a.m and should engage in curricular and extra-curricular activities till 4.30p.m.

3. Students should not leave campus without the permission of their tutors.

4. During class time students should avoid wandering in the campus and gathering in the portico and stairs.

5. The students who use vehicles should park in the allotted area and avoid taking vehicles to the rare as in the campus.

6. If there is no class, students should make use of the department libraries, general library, computer lab and health club.

7. Ragging is strictly prohibited in campus as per the order of the High Court. In case ragging is noticed the same should be reported to the Principal.

8. According to Government order use of the drugs in the college is an offense. Carrying and entering the campus after consuming the same are punishable.

9. Discipline should be maintained in canteen, playground and other public spaces in the campus.

10. The damage and destruction of the assets of the college are punishable.

11. Use of plastic is banned in the campus. Plastic carry bags and other plastic products in the campus are strictly banned.

12. The class and surroundings should be maintained neat and tidy. Throwing of garbage should be avoided.

13. Pasting posters and writing on college buildings and walls should be avoided.

14. There should be utmost care in the use of water and electricity. Whenever students leave of the class, they should ensure switching off lights and fans.

15. Collecting of funds should not be carried out without the prior permission of the Principal.

It is informed that the above code of conduct should be strictly followed and any violation of the same will be taken seriously and disciplinary action will be initiated against the violators.