College Development Council (CDC)

The College Development Council (CDC) is constituted as per G.O.(Ms) No. 177/87/H.Edn. dated 15/5/1987. The primary objective behind the implementation of CDC system is to have a focussed effort for overall development of the old and well-established colleges in Kerala. The mandate of the Committee is given below,

(a) The Committee shall meet as frequently as may be necessary. In the absence of the Chairman, a member of the Committee may be nominated to preside over any meeting.
(b) The Committee shall prepare a plan for the development of the college with a view to improving the facilities available including construction/maintenance to be carried out during a period of five years. The five-year plan shall be broken up into annual plans.
(c) The Committee shall also be responsible for the implementation of the schemes. To the extent possible, the Committee should follow the rules in Government regarding construction works, purchases etc. Construction works undertaken by the Committee should be certified as fit by the PWD. Furniture and other items purchased by the Committee should be brought in to the stock account as in the case of articles purchased with Government Funds.
(d) A copy of the minutes of every meeting of the committee shall be forwarded to the Director of Collegiate Education immediately after the meeting.
(e) The Committee shall have powers to accept donations from the public. The staffs of the college are also permitted to make collections towards the fund in the name of the “College Development Fund”.
(f) An amount equal to the funds raised by the Committee towards the college development fund will be given by the Government as grant. The grant will be paid taking into account the collections made up to the 31st of December every year.
(g) The request for grant shall be made by the Principal, through the Director, Collegiate Education, after the 31st December every year.
(h) The Principal should furnish a utilization certificate in respect of the grant disbursed, at the earliest, and in any case within one year of the withdrawal of the amount. If the money is not utilized within one year, the unutilized amount should be refunded.
(i) The Principal who is the Secretary of the Committee shall arrange to maintain proper accounts. All bank accounts should be operated by him. Receipts for contributions should also be given by the Principal or any person authorized by the Committee in this behalf.

Present Members
  1. S Chandrasekar IAS, District Collector, Chairman
  2. Dr. C.P. Santhosh, Principal of the College, Secretary and Treasurer
  3. Dr.Narayanan P (Puthiyilleth), Assistant Professor of Economics, Convener
  4. Sri. T.K. Devarajan, The Vice-President of the P.T.A
  5. Dr. Omana Pankan, The President of the Alumni Association
  6. The Chairman of the College Union (Presently Vacant)
  7. The Executive Engineer (PWD - Buildings)
  8. The Executive Engineer (PWD - Buildings)
  9. Smt. K.A. Sarala, Former Faculty of English and Former President, District Panchayat, Kannur
  10. Smt. P.P. Divya, District Panchayath President, Kannur and Alumna of the College
  11. Prof. N.K. Govindan, Former Faculty of Chemistry
  12. Smt. K.P. Jeeja, Parent Representative