Academic facilities

The college is ideally located near the National Highway 66 making it easily accessible for all its stakeholders. The well-endowed green cover and canopies of mammoth trees of a bygone era have been the highlight of the campus and the driving force to realizing green and sustainable practices.

The college has 35 well-furnished and ICT enabled classrooms. Among them, 24 are devoted for eight undergraduate programmes, six for post graduate classes and one for research scholars. The remaining four unoccupied classrooms are reserved for the new generation courses expected to be granted soon. Out of the 31 classrooms, 13 are enabled with LCD projectors, 19 are provided with interactive white boards. Eight large classrooms are provided with lecterns with inbuilt amplifier, microphone, reading light and speakers.

The two seminar halls and the IQAC room are furnished with LCD projectors and other basic requirements. Besides this, the college has two auditoriums (one is nearing completion). The Central Library of the college has a repository of 48, 276 books,16 journals, 24 magazines, 6275 e-journals, nearly 2 lakh e-books, CD/DVD ROM’s, and a few manuscripts, in addition to the facilities of digital access to INFLIBNET-N-List and other e-resources.

The college has fully equipped laboratory facilities for science as well as humanities students. The Postgraduate Department of Chemistry has two laboratories and a computation lab.The latter helps the students to learn and experiment with computer aided drug designs. The laboratatries are provided withconsumables, chemistry related software, UV visible spectrophotometer, Abbe Refractometer, Conductivity meter, and other required equipment.

The laboratory run by the Department of Physics is utilized by the students of both the core and complementary courses. It can accommodate 40 students at a time. Fumehood, Magnetic Stirrer, Storage Oscilloscope, set-up for measuring magneto resistance,Telescope, and other regular instruments needed for a physics undergraduate laboratoryare properly installed and maintained. The Department also has a developing computer laboratory to impart training in computer language and programming.

The Department of Computer science has two computer laboratories, one with 40 and the other with 24 desktops, to teach basic computing and programming while also helping the students for their project works.

The college has a Language laboratory with one master computer, ten desktop computers and a larger display television. The laboratory equips the students with good communicative skills and prepares them for job interviews.

Two other facilities designed to meet the computing and teaching learning needs are the Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP)laboratory and ORICE studio. ASAP has 32 desktop, eight laptops, an interactive board, four white boards, a large format display, 16 headphones, and furniture required to house 40 students.

The college owns a Moodle LMS platform, and a YouTube channel which have been extremely useful in navigating the online/ blended teaching during the pandemic period.

The college has a co-operative store that provides books and stationary items to the students at subsidised rates. The college canteen run by Kudumbasree provides food to the students at a minimal rate.