ORICE Studio Classroom

ORICE studio classroom is part of Online Resource Initiative of Collegiate Education (ORICE) programme of Department of Collegiate Education, Govt. of Kerala. This studio is a full-fledged classroom cum studio, which is suitable for the conduct of online - offline classes and video content preparation. Advantage of such facility is effective sharing of resources like organizing an online interaction of students with an expert or can be used as a video conferencing platform. Thus, the studio facilitates the quality online learning through established online platform to the teaching and learning communities. Various courses and programmes are conducted through ORICE platform in the last few years. Some of them are Communicative English course, Erudite Lecture series etc. It is also suitable for the conduct of faculty workshops, online meetings and seminars.

Sl.No Name Designation & Department Position
1 Sri.Jaison P K Assistant Professor, Dept. of Chemistry Convenor
2 Dr.Francis O S Associate Professor, Dept. of English Member
3 Dr.Saheer V C Assistant Professor, Dept. of Chemistry Member
4 Dr.Binu P J Associate Professor, Dept. of Physics Member
5 Smt. Afra M K Assistant Professor Dept. of Computer Science Member