It Facility

The campus has Wi-Fi facility with a 200 Mbps broadband connection which makes accessing online materials easier. Six wireless access points are installed in various parts of the campus for providing internet access facility to staff and students. Each wireless access point can connect upto 100 concurrent users. Wired Internet facility is made available in the whole campus. All computers in the departments, class rooms, computer lab, office, library and hostel are connected through LAN using optical fibre connectivity among the blocks.

The old and worn-out cabling and LAN equipment were replaced for better performance during 2015-16. A dedicated server, firewall, and sevenmanaged switches are installed as part of campus networking.

ICT enabled classrooms are equipped with networked desktop computer, smartboard, projector, lectern and UPS. All departments are provided with desktop computers with internet access and printer.With a fully networked campus, the high-speed internet facility is extensively used for knowledge-updating,both by the faculty and the students.

Computer laboratories are equipped with desktop computers with the latest configuration and software as per requirements of the curriculum. All the softwares used are kept updated to ensure security and protection from malware

The college library is fully automated and students can access online resources. Students and faculty have access to the resources of INFLIBNET. Various courses from Coursera on Campus are also made accessible to staff and students.

The college website is maintained and upgraded regularly under an annual maintenance contract. The website was updatedin 2019 to make it mobile friendly. The website is regularly updated for effective communication and information sharing among all the stake holders.

An installation of the latest version of Moodle learning management system is currently being used as the college LMS. All students and teachers are enrolled in the LMS and the course materials for every course is now readily available to students on the LMS platform. Currently, there are more than 100 courses in college LMS.

All the staff and students are provided with an institute mail id with unlimited storage space.

The social media apps - WhatsApp and Telegram- provide an efficient one-to-one platform keeping every student and staff of the college well connected. Each group is monitored and kept updated by providing quick, easy and instant communication.

The College maintains a YouTube channel wherein videos of various programmes, lectures and video tutorials are uploaded.

All examination halls, entrance/exit and corridors in the campus are under CCTV surveillance with 34 CCTV cameras andthreehubs.

Three biometric punching terminals are available in the campus for the Centralized Attendance Management of the teachers and the non-teaching staff.

The college has a central public address system with nodes on all classrooms and staffrooms.

During the pandemic period, the college ensured access to online learning facilities for all the students by providing mobile phones to needy students.