• Dr. Chandramohanan K T
  • Principal
  • 0497-2746175

I am privileged to be a part of this institution which is named after the illustrious son of the nation Sri. V. K. Krishnammenon and share the fabulous achievement with the dedicated faculty, industrious students and the able administrative staff. This exclusive women’s college in the Govt sector of Malabar region continues its triumphant forward march by imparting quality education to young women in the higher education sector with a view to mould them into efficient leaders and responsible citizens. The faculty of the college work relentlessly to turn it into a centre of excellence, as it is already a favoured destination for students from all spheres of life, especially the underprivileged sections of North Malabar, The college has distinguished itself with its students of high calibre by consistently securing good academic grades and ranks, and noteworthy achievements in sports and cultural fetes. The exemplary quality of the students,faculty and the administrative staff of the college and its location amidst the lush green canopy provided by multiple varieties of trees makes it a real haven of refuge for all the inmates of the institution. The Parent-Teacher Association, Alumnae, University authorities and the elected representatives have taken keen interest in the welfare and well-being of the college.