Auditorium & Seminar Hall

The college has two large auditoriums: old and new. The old one is quite large enough to hold more than five hundred people and is built in a more than 5000 square feet area. The new one is under construction and can hold nearly a thousand people in nearly 10000 square feet area. The auditorium is used to hold different cultural festivals, workshops and seminars both by the stakeholders and outsiders. The external people and organisations can hire the auditorium after remitting the required fee to the government. Strict directions are given to the people outside not to damage the clean and green atmosphere of the campus. The waste they produce will have to be taken back by them.

The college has two seminar halls as well, which are well equipped and fully functional. These amenities are used by different departments of the college to hold programmes like seminars, academic discussions, workshops, welcome meetings to fresh admissions, farewell meetings to outgoing students and the like. General meetings of the staff are also convened in these seminar halls. The new seminar hall has been equipped like a conference hall where a lot of governmental programmes are conducted at regular intervals.